Aaron Sakai - Founder & Host of Podcast, "Sleep Times Over"

Aaron Sakai - Founder & Host of Podcast, "Sleep Times Over"

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December 13, 2021
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Inspired by his long time love of hip hop, sports, and pop culture, Aaron Sakai founded Sleep Times over in 2016 along with his good friend Kavet the Catalyst. Growing up on Oahu, he has a unique and diverse perspective on daily life. During his weekly shows he blends current events with the subtleties of Hawaii living.

As a talk show host, Aaron prides himself in introducing viewers to local artists, news and events, and pop culture icons that perhaps have not been discovered by the mainstream. He also works closely with local businesses to give the audience a refreshing view of an authentic Hawaii.

It's A Hawaii Thing Productions. Quality content for the Hawaii Enthusiast and traveler. Celebrities, artists & community leaders vomming together to showcase the spirit of the islands. New weekly program dedicated to anything and everything unique to life in Hawaii.

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