Kaleo Pilanca - One of Hawaii's Funniest Emcee's & Comedians

Kaleo Pilanca - One of Hawaii's Funniest Emcee's & Comedians

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August 17, 2021
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Also Known As "KP" is one of Hawaiiʻs Funny Men, Emcee's, Comedians, Radio and Television Perosonalities.

Kaleo Pilanca Entertainment was awarded the Star Advertisers #1 Hawaii's Best Wedding Emcee for 2015.

Kaleo is your weekend guy with ISLAND 98.5 as an On-Air Radio Personality.

He is the PRODUCER of his own a Stand-Up Comedy Show called "Laugh Up Hawaii Comedy Kanikapila"

Television Personality
(Da Braddahʻs and Friends, Play Smart Hawaii, The Champ Show, Cooking Hawaiian Style, Hawaiian Grown Kitchen on OC16 channel 12, Game Plane, Anthony Bourdaineʻs No Reservations on the Travel Channel)

Island Commercials
(Times Supermarket, Hawaii Self Storage, Central Pacific Bank, Micheals Jewelry, Hawaii Tel Com and Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union)

Monday - Friday’s
Kaleo Pilanca works as a Recreational Therapist. He received his Bachelors Degree from Eastern Washington University. He Worked at Shriners Hospital for Children for 10 years, and currently is with the State of Hawaii working with adults living with severe mental illness to learn, relearn and enjoy positive healthy leisure activities and alternatives away from drugs and alcohol, as well as learning new coping strategies to improve their quality of life.

Kaleo Pilanca has aligned himself to giving back to our community by being the emcee for programs such as Adult Friends for Youth against bullying and violence, D.A.R.E saying no to drugs, MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving, And with IHS to raise money to stop Homelessness in Hawaii.

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